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How do I get my hair back to health?

My hair has been through the ringer so to speak. Dyed multiple times, bleached, etc…and I feel like now it’s just getting thinner and breaking constantly. I’ve tried several different hair products and hair masks, but nothing seems to be working. HELP!

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@krista96, the first thing I would suggest you do is to completely stop dying your hair for at least 6 months. Then, go ahead and get a good trim to get rid of all the split ends. 2-3 times a week give your hair a good deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask. Try not to use any heat tools on your hair. If you must, try not to do it so often.

Keep this up for at least 6 months and you’ll soon notice a huge difference in the health of your hair!


@krista96 yes, make sure you stop dying your hair for quite some time and start taking good care of it! It’ll be a long process (I’ve been there before), BUT eventually, your hair WILL get back to health! Limit the use of your blow dryer, iron, curler, etc…

Also try any one of these natural hair masks. They all contain really good and effective ingredients in repairing hair damage!

Check out this scalp detox recipe! It really helped me when my hair was super fryed:

I applied mine AS OFTEN as I could…so sometimes it would be like 5 times a week! But the more you apply it, the faster your hair will heal!

Try this beer mask that @debbieanne recommended (she seems to be the queen of hair masks haha):

My hair is damaged due to my Autoimmune Diseases. I found this tonight looking for the very same reason. I am going to give this one a try myself :slight_smile:

DIY Hair Growth and Damage Repair Hair Serum

all of these suggestions plus:

after you’ve gotten rid of the damaged hair, if you want your hair to start growing back thicker and stronger and healthier, I’d recommend you start taking a multi-vitamin for hair that has a lot of biotin in it. castor oil on your scalp and let it soak for as long as you can. I have put it on and put my hair in little braids and stuff to make it look cute and left the castor oil on my head for like 3 days. but that’s my scalp, adjust the time depending on how sensitive your skin is…leaving stuff on your head for too long could cause irritation. and a scalp detox that was already suggested is definitely a good idea. I’d also recommend that, if your tap water is hard water, find a good chelating shampoo to get those minerals out of your pores. follow that up with a good, rich conditioner. and invest in a good leave in conditioner as well. I don’t have ethnic hair, but I use ethnic hair products because theyre formulated for hair that is prone to breakage.

I have always had very thick hair and a few months ago my hair was falling out in CHUNKS because I’d bleached it so much. it had gotten very thin and scrappy looking. now I can say that it’s back to it’s natural thickness and volume and shine because I did AAAALLLL of that stuff, but be warned, it was very time consuming and I had a lot of oily hair days which didn’t look pretty.

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@ffpaws awesome I will definitely try that, it sounds very promising!!

@Kitten_Pajamases damn yeah this does all sound very time consuming but I guess it’s probably worth it?? How long did it take for your hair to bounce back from start to finish?

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@krista96 I’d begun noticing the excessive fallout around last fall/winter after I’d just had my roots touched up (so bleached white and dyed a permanent neon magenta color lol) and then as more and more of my hair kept falling out in clumps, and I mean MASSIVE clumps, like palm sized, my hair just kept getting stringier and stringier. it stressed me out too which probably made it worse. but my face is quite round and chubby, so flat stringy hair looks bad on me…like if I put my hair up, I don’t want my head to look like an ostrich egg right?? and the baby hairs you get from New growth help frame your face a little better. but yeah, I’d say between then and now lol not exactly sure when it started really growing back but my hair has been breaking my ponytail holders lately, a sure sign of thickness. like, I still have split ends and breakage, but my hair looks quite healthy overall as long as it keeps GROWING. imo, damage your hair all you want, but keep those roots healthy

I guess I just don’t have any patience and to think that it might take 6 months for my hair to get back to normal is a big let down, but oh well, what can I do? I’ve already started taking the necessary steps…no longer using any heat on my hair, doing regular hair masks, massaging oil, etc…It’s starting to get a little better but nowhere near where it was.

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@krista96 it may not even take that long! dont be discouraged! the hair growth vitamins really help your hair grow faster too. they even make your eyelashes grow like crazy. I just recommend all this other stuff because you might want that new growth to stay healthy and on your head for as long as possible, like with little breakage and fallout. I dye my hair quite a bit so keeping my roots and new growth healthy and strong is a big concern for me. you shouldn’t put harsh chemicals on already damaged hair! but if you can manage to leave your hair alone for a year or so and let it grow naturally, you could maybe skip all the extra aggressive steps I mentioned lol. I was just personally excited for myself that all my effort paid off and wanted to be like “hey doing all this crap actually works!” now I can have neon colored hair with full volume and shine yaaayy

Yeah I hear ya! It totally can seem discouraging, but I know these things can take time! My hair is so fried right now, it’s a wonder there’s any still on my head! Years and years of dying it, bleaching yet, and I think there was also a perm in there a long long time ago haha

I used to make different masks with oils and maybe eggs or honey. Be careful with honey if you’re not sure you’re not allergic. It’s cheap and you can make it yourself with any ingredients you like.

please don’t get grossed out, i actually use crocodile oil to nourish my hair. hahaha
it works!

but the crocodile oil is very smelly. i got mine from asia, but i saw amazon are selling too.
my hair is stronger after a few weeks of applying

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also, u can try applying some manuka honey on your hair to restore strength. :smiley:

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Crocodile oil?! Can’t say I’ve EVER heard of that lol

What exactly is in it??

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Well…according to wikipedia crocodile oil is extracted from the fatty tissues of crocodiles and has long been used to treat a number of different ailments in humans. Who knew?!

Equal parts black Jamaican castor oil and almond oil, put in in your hair everynight, also wash your hair less

@Abbi_Walton, ive heard of Jamaican castor oil but never used it! Is it that much better than just regular castor oil? Because I do have a ton of that lol