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Need help with sagging skin

Hi I’m new to this form. I started using homemade cleansers masks about two to three weeks ago I started to see a difference but now not much. I’m having a terrible problem with sagging skin and it’s really depressing me. Does anybody know of any DYI products that really works

Hi Gayle, welcome to the community!

For sagging skin, the best thing that I’ve found is using a simple homemade egg white mask. Egg whites are packed full of protein and also tighten the skin. Of course, you would need to use it regularly (at least 2-3 times a week), followed by nightly Vaseline application. Simply dab a small amount of Vaseline around the eyes and mouth, or wherever wrinkles and fine lines are more prevalent.

@Gayle_Garcia, what sort of masks have you tried using, and for how long? These things can take quite a bit of time (months really), so patience is key here!

@Gayle_Garcia, have you tried applying rose essential oil to your skin? Not rosehip, but JUST rose! It’s actually QUITE expensive (I think about $100 for a small bottle), but omg does it ever work! It’s one of the best essential oils for you skin and it’s honestly all you need. A little goes a long way as well, so one bottle should last you a while.

I guess whatever is in the rose essential oil really helps to tighten skin, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and also fill in fine lines. Use it every night for at least a month until you start seeing results. As they say…Rome wasn’t build in a day!

Welcome to the community @Gayle_Garcia! What I have found works really really well for me is just applying Vaseline (petroleum jelly) around the eyes, mouth, and forehead every single night before bed. It’s a really cheap alternative to expensive face creams, but it actually works. Vaseline has a high fatty content and so it hydrates dry skin (which is the #1 culprit for sagging skin). That, and drink lots and lots of water to prevent wrinkles and sagginess.

Vitamin E oil works wonderfully to reduce wrinkles and it’s such a cheap and easy ingredient to get! You just have to make sure to use it…otherwise it just wont work!

I usually get the capsules and pop one each day, but you can also get vit E in a bottle, which is probably way easier!