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What exactly is the difference between salt scrubs and sugar scrubs?

Obviously I know one has salt and the other has sugar as the main ingredient…but when should one use a salt scrub or a sugar scrub?

As far as I know, you should reserve salt scrubs for rougher areas such as knees, elbows, shoulders, and feet, while sugar scrubs can be used on more sensitive parts!

@dana_rex, you’re absolutely right! Sugar scrubs are a lot less abrasive, and should be used on sensitive skin areas, whereas salt scrubs are better for tougher skin!

Salt scrubs are much more abrasive and are generally reserved for tougher areas like elbows, knees, backside, and of course feet. Sugar scrubs are made for more sensitive areas of the skin like your face, lips, chest, and legs. You can also use sugar scrubs on rougher areas, but you should never use salt scrubs on your face or lips.

So basically, the difference between a salt and sugar scrub is that a salt scrub is more abrasive, while a sugar scrub is gentler.

can i ask if salt scrubs can be use as a feet peel mask alternatives on my feet?
was looking for feet peel mask but got recommended scrubbing instead

@Jessica_Lee, I would recommend that you do a salt scrub first, or even use a pumice stone to smooth down rough areas and callouses, and also to remove dead skin cells. THEN, you can go ahead and use a foot peel or even a foot mask.

I’ll usually make my own salt scrub which is basically just a mixture of sea salt, coconut oil, and essential oils. Just scrub that on your feet really well and rinse off. Be careful you don’t slip in the shower lol coconut oil is pretty slippery!

Then, I make this foot mask made out of honey, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil:

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hey thanks for sharing! i been reading up on bloggers reviews of foot peel mask too
your DIY article is cool! hahaha can’t wait to try this weekend!

hey thanks for the read up. i started using salt scrubs after this. not sure if it works coz I was impatient and bought foot peel mask on amazon too after reading this blog on how foot peel masks can make my feet heels like baby skin
not sure if its the salt or the foot peel masks. either way i am happy coz my heels are softer now!