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Acne scar remedy?

In ur opinion, what is the best way to get rid of acne scars? I’ve tried a few things, but I have some pretty big scars from a long time ago that just won’t seem to budge :frowning:
If you’ve had any success with any sort of topical creams, natural remedies, etc, please share!!

I was in the same boat as you and honesty, nothing really worked until I just said to hell with it, and got a dermabrasion procedure! You may have to do a few sessions, depending on the depth and the amount of the scars, but I swear it’s SO worth it! Scars are completely gone and I can finally be comfortable in my own skin for once.

Bio-oil has worked WONDERS for my skin, and I had some serious acne scars, but it does take quite some time and u have to be very consistent with it! I’d say apply, apply, apply every single night for at least 2 months and then you’ll start seeing results!

Acne scars are surely a very annoying thing. They take away much of the charm as well as the confidence of the overall look. While it may seem like products don’t help, they do. You just have to find the right skin partner for yourself. Here is a list of three amazing products that remove acne scars effectively:

  1. Snail products have been the buzz of the skincare world and there is no denying that they are worth the hype. Snail mucin enhances the production of collagen and renews the skin, making it irritation-free. You can see a visible difference in the texture and feel of your skin within a week of this gorgeous serum. And yes, it is animal-cruelty free, so don’t worry about that.
  2. 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot by Some by mi: The name suggests that this product works like a miracle. Apply this easy to use product for 30 days regularly to see your skin calm down and your acne scars and blemishes fading away.
  3. Cosrx- Acne Pimple Master Patch It is a master of Pimple and acne scars. Just patch up your acne and pimple with the goodness of Wound protecting Hydrocolloid Patch and see a considerable difference in your skin texture.