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Advice on the right make up for my skin

My skin care routine - I use tropic either x1 or x2 daily
Cleanser, exfoliate 2/3 times a week, toner, moisturiser and a face oil. My skin is very dry/sensitive and this is the only brand that works for me.

I have always suffered from my foundation flaking or creasing so, exasperated, I’ve tried a number of things like using primers specifically to suit my skin type, foundations for my skin type and nothing so far seems to work! I don’t understand why no matter what brand of make up or primer I am using it doesn’t sit well on my face.

I recently read something about silicone and water based products clashing with each other, so I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on which water based products foundation and primer wise are the best?
I am currently using nyx bare with me primer but it seems to clash with my fenty hydration Pro filt’r foundation.

Foundations I have tried-
Maybelline dream satin liquid
Fenty pro filt’r hydrating longwear
Nyx born to glow
L’Oréal infallible total cover
Smashbox bb cream - has been the best so far but they never have my colour in stock
True match

I don’t contour or cake myself in make up as I prefer rocking a subtle/natural look. I don’t use too much product as I really don’t like the feel of a lot of layers on my face.

I am really desperate to find a brand that works for me as it gets me down and I’m constantly paranoid about how it looks to the point where I’d rather not wear it or go anywhere as I just hate the way it looks on my skin. It’s never smooth or dewy looking it just looks awful and it’s embarrassing.

What I found really works for me in terms of foundations is Clinique. They’re very lightweight, so it feels like you’re not wearing any at all, and then I find it doesn’t cake on like other foundations do. On top, I layer with Clinique powder and it stays on all day, doesn’t cake and looks really great!

Have you thought about using only powder foundations? it sounds like liquid may not be the best idea for your skin type. I would suggest using hyaluronic acid on your skin and then a moisturizer before applying a foundation, but just make sure you wait a few minutes until everything is absorbed into the skin. I use a water based moisturizer which works amazing with any foundation.

I have tried powder and that seems to be even worse, for dry skin the worst thing you can do is use powder.
In my skin care, the toner, moisturiser and one of the oils I use all contain hyaluronic acid aswell as some of the foundations I have used.
This is why I get confused because without make up my skin looks and feels great as soon as I apply any make up it dries me out or looks awful.

Clinique sounds like a good shout, not a brand I have tried for foundation… I will look into that. Thank you both for replying!