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Anyone ever made a pomegranate face mask?

If so, what else did you add to the mask? I know pomegranates are very high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and feel like it would be a really great mask for acne prone and aging skin. Any thoughts?

@babydoll86 I’ve never made one before, but I have used sheet masks that had pomegranate in them and I do know they’re very good for your skin. I assume you’d have to really grind up the pomegranate in order to apply it, or just harvest the pom juice and then mix it with something else?

I found these recipes though if that’s any help :slight_smile:

YES! I actually have made pomegranate face mask before and it’s actually a really great mask for wrinkles and fine lines and all that fun stuff hehe

What I did was just extract the juice from the pomegranates and used a cotton round to apply to the skin. I’ll usually leave that on overnight as well…just be careful as it can stain your sheets.

And yes it’s full of antioxidants and vitamins which penetrate the skin so you’ll wake up with smoother, younger looking skin :slight_smile: