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Anyone tried dermaplaning?

I’ve been hearing a LOT about dermaplaning (shaving the face using a sharp surgical tool or a much gentler at-home one blade razor), but I’m a little scared to try it.

Anyone have any experience with this? And if so, how was it and what were the results?

Hi @makeupchick89! Yes, I just tried it a few weekends ago because I’ve been hearing so much about it for a while now. Granted, I did not get it done professionally because salons are currently closed but also because I find it a little pricey so I did it myself, at home using these little eyebrow razors I got on amazon. They’re called Tinkle and you get 3 in a pack:

I’ve become OBSESSED with this! It removes all the little peach fuzz and dead skin cells and leaves my skin so so smooth! What I really like about it is that it really preps my skin for applying products. When there’s all that dead skin on top as well as peach fuzz, your products can’t penetrate the skin as easily, so doing this just twice a month can help.

A word of advice though, please do NOT run over a pimple…I did that by accident and it wasnt pretty lol

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I can’t get my head around this though. Women’s skin is so different from men’s yet shaving causes them very thick stubble?

It’s interesting what I’ve been reading on your post but I think I would be so scared to try it incase I grow a stubbly beard like the men?

You say you only do it twice a month? What does your skin look n feel like then?

Sorry for all the questions but I genuinely want to know the answers.

Any other advice you can give gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

So sorry @Louloo just saw this - yikes!

Ok so at first I thought the same thing you did. That my hair would grow back tenfold and it would be darker and thicker, but not at all.

The razors that I use are only one blade and they’re not exactly the same as regular razors that have 2-4 blades. I do it twice a month to remove little fuzzies, to exfoliate, and because it makes my skin super duper soft. Plus, when I put foundation on it loooks FLAWLESS because there aren’t any little hairs in the way, so it looks really good.

Having said that, I obviously can’t guarantee that your hair won’t grow back thicker because I’m just not sure how it works. All my life I’ve been told that women shouldn’t shave their faces for that reason, but now it’s looking like that might have been wrong? I have several friends who are also doing this without any issues.

Since I read your first mail on this topic I’m reading it on Facebook and many other sights, especially utube. .
I don’t have dark hair or thick growth but as I get older there is fuzz popping up here, there n everywhere lol
So here goes I’ve ordered the blades online where there is a huge following so watch this space lol.
Thanks for the very interesting post.
Lynn x

That’s so great to hear, I’m excited for you!! I think you’ll really love it! Let me know how it goes :smiley:

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Thanks. Fingers crossed. I will be sure to let you know. Lynn

Just bought my first Tinkle razors and did the dermaplaning. It was a little scary at first, but it definitely doesn’t feel like “shaving”. It’s a one blade razor that has a protective stainless steel cover on it and it’s extremely gentle. You shouldn’t use any creams, oils, or shaving creams, as you want to get all of the dead skin cells, so it’s always better to use on clean, dry skin.

Left my skin feeling and looking GLOWING though! Also, it took me a while before I realized how to correctly use the razor…you have it hold it at about a 45 degree angle. Removed peach fuzz, facial hair, and dead skin cells.

I’ve bought it and it arrived today. Not used it yet as scared silly lol.

It does say that after cleansing your face and neck to use the oil before use so did you leave the oil off and just start on totally dry skin?

Thanks in advance.
Lynn x

Apologies for the late reply!!

I didn’t apply anything at all - did it completely on dry skin. I’ve read a lot about this, and some people use oil or even shaving cream, while others swear you should do it on dry skin…so that’s what I did. Still not sure which is the BEST way though, but the dry skin method worked for me.

Have you worked up the courage to do it yet?

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I plucked up courage yesterday. I followed your advice and left the oil alone. It worked a dream and my skin feels like silk and no redness or anything.
One thing though there was hardly anything to see yet the very fine hairs are gone?
Now all is like a babies bottom lol n it feels lovely.
Will be interesting to see how fast it grows back.
I did use the oil as a moisturiser afterwards to see if it stops any dryness.
Thank you for the information. I’m still worried until I see how it grows back.
How many times can I use the same blade considering there is nothing really to take off ? It seem a waste to only use it once or twice?
Watch this space and I will update if any news lol
Lynn xx

Hi Lynn! So glad you did it and that you liked it!! If you’re saying you can’t see much, that may me because you’re holding the razor wrong. Hold it at a 45 degree angle (almost straight if you will), and you should see a lot more dirt and dead skin cells coming off. If you only see peach fuzz, then it’s probably because your skin is already in pretty good shape :slight_smile:

So I did my treatment about a week ago, and haven’t seen any growth yet, which is great! Everyone says you’re not supposed to grow thicker or darker hair, but we’ll see haha

I’ll probably use mine like 5-6 times, and in between every use, be sure to clean the blade with alcohol to keep it sanitized and working well!

Hi again Georgia,
Well this morning I can feel a tiny bit of stubble just under my chin area which I swear wasn’t there before? So looks like it was maybe the way I held the them blade. Im going to have to be more careful as I wasn’t aware of stubble befire so I’m slightly anxious now.
I admit I felt awkward using the blade and was all over the place as was afraid of cutting myself.
Typical me lol. Rushing in like a bull at a gate. I do have sensitive skin but no bad reaction for not using the oil!
Sorry for all the questions. I think I’m scared of waking up one day and having a mans beard? Lol
I do find it really hard holding the blade correctly so will have to be more careful.
Once again thank you for all the Help and information. I’m very much obliged to you.
Lynn x

No worries at all - ask away, that’s what this community is all about, helping one another :slight_smile:
Yes, I also hope I don’t wake up with a beard one day, but so far so good haha it takes a while to know how to hold the blade correctly, but once you get the hang of it, it’s second nature.

Also, you could try putting oil on first, especially if you have sensitive skin, maybe that’ll work better for you?

I’m very grateful to you for all the advice. As I’ve already bought the oil I might try that next time. It might be more gentle on sensitive skin. I will let you know lol.
Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from anyone else that is going to try this? Very Interesting topic.
Lynn x

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Be careful ladies! I did this and ended up getting a cut on my face!! It was a small one, but still…it didn’t feel good and I had a scar for a few days. Maybe I did something wrong, but either way, please be careful. will probably not do it again bc im scared ill cut myself again :frowning:

i’ve been doing this for a looong time and my skins super clear and soft! You DO have to be careful ladies because if you press too hard you can def cut your skin and it’s not a pleasant feeling at all (especially on the face). Just be sure to hold the razor at the right angle and not press too hard. Also, use a toner and a moisturizer or serum afterwards to calm down any redness.

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