Ayurvedic facial powder for everyday wear?

I’ve been throwing ideas around in my head about this. I’m think either just a general oil blotting powder for everyday use or a setting powder, but the ingredients I’ve been considering might not be fine enough to make a decent setting powder. but my main idea is that I want it to be like somewhat beneficial to your skin.
here are some of my ideas for ingredients:
-hemp powder
-rice powder/flour
-honey powder (I’ve researched that maltodextrin in honey powder is fine for the skin)
-gram flour
-tulsi powder
and I was thinking maybe it could be infused with aloe vera or even CBD. or chamomile or something like that…sandalwood?

any ideas or experiences with these ingredients?
I used raw honey to make a face primer once. mixed with glycerine, arrowroot powder, and beeswax and some blend of oils…it actually made a decent primer because it like GLUED makeup to my face that never came off until I washed it…but I also tried it alone and it was ridiculous lol. my face absorbed all the moisture around me and I looked pretty dewy. and the beeswax trapped my sweat in too…I just ended up looking wet. would not recommend without a setting powder lol.

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@Kitten_Pajamases I have made a few different natural powders before, but when I do, I mostly use rice flour or gram flour. Never used hemp powder (although I’m sure it’s really great for the skin), and I’ve never heard of tulsi powder.

So basically when you’re making a facial powder (in my own experience!), you should always have the base…some one of your powders, whether it be hemp or arrowroot powder, followed by a little bit of clay. The clay helps to absorb excess oil and really helps the powder to stay in place.

You CAN add a few drops of aloe or your fave essential oil, but then it will become more of a compact powder rather than a loose powder. If you’re going to do a compact powder, you may as well add a few tsps of raw cocoa to match your skin tone, or even turmeric.

As for the beeswax face primer, I think the beeswax is what really did it in! Beeswax is a pretty tough thing to work with, so you’re best to leave it out of your recipes unless of course you’re making lip balms and likpsticks! For a primer, just use pure aloe vera gel mixed in with some organic rosewater - it’ll change your skin!!

Hope I was able to answer some of your questions…not a total expert in all of the ingredients you mentioned, but I have made powders before, so hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Not sure if hemp powder would work as a face powder because isn’t it green?! Unless I’m mistaken and there are also white hemp powders?

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that…is a good point lmao. I hadnt considered it…I even have hemp oil and it is in fact dark dark green.

lmao yeah you’re right it would be green so that definitely wouldn’t work unless you have green skin? But what about if you were to mix just a LITTLE bit of it with arrowroot powder or rice flour? Because doesn’t the color green correct skin imperfection such as redness? I may be onto something here :smiley:

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lisapeters, I might try aloe next time…I just wanted it to be as mattifying and water/sweat resistant as possible. I’ve used fruit of the earth aloe vera gel directly on my face before and it made my face very shiny so I hesitated to use it but maybe the arrowroot would just cancel that out?

yess!! isn’t blue used for some color correction too? in that case you could use blue butterfly pea powder, which has sedative effects. I remember back in the day when I used to buy the “happy” mood boosting powders from Physicians Formula…that stuff probably never worked, but I like the concept

Aloe shouldn’t make your face shiny or oily at all, so make sure to use pure aloe gel. The best thing I can recommend is buying a small aloe plant (there’s so many uses for it), and just harvesting the gel. Apply only a teensy tiny little bit to your skin - that’s all you need! And yes the arrowroot or whatever powder you’ll be using should absorb any excess oil or sweat.

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Yep I think blue is also used for some sort of color correction. Blue butterfly pea powder? Never heard of that, but I love the sound of it lol sounds very magical and right up my alley!

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I had an aloe plant…it died >.> do you know fruit if the earth brand? I thought it was the most natural aloe I could buy, but I think it does still have a preservative in it :confused: honestly, I may just have an excessively oily face lol

I got it to make color changing lemon cocktails because the color changes from blue to purple when you add an acid. but I still haven’t done that and low key lost interest in it so I’ve been eyeballing it toying with the idea of turning it into DIY makeup

I think I may have heard of it…but not sure? Might be confusing it with another brand. And you’re right, most of these are pretty natural, but I found that when you apply them to your face, they don’t do the same thing as pure, natural, straight from the plant aloe gel. I also have super oily skin so I feel your pain girl! Do you use a toner on a regular basis? I just made some rosewater and I use that on my skin twice a day - makes a huge difference!

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that actually sounds pretty amazing!! If you do try it, please share with us :slight_smile: Would love to see what it looks like!

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I usually splash my face with thayers rose petal witch hazel. it doesn’t help with the shine much, but it does make my skin very soft and helps with some redness, which makes the shine less horrible looking. I don’t mind looking “dewy” so much, as long as my face isn’t red. cause then I just look kinda gross and crazy :confused: I also sweat more than most people, probably. I’m just doomed.

oh yeah, I meant to ask! which do you think is the most beneficial for the face, rice or gram flour? I know people say rice is really great for the skin but I dont have much knowledge of gram flour. literally just learned what it was last night, tbh. and what clay would you say is best? I have that “Indian healing clay,” would that be something one could use?

I know that gram flour is really great at brightening skin and also lightening it, which is great if you have acne scars or dark spots. But I’d say either or will work just fine! As for the clay, yes you can use the Indian healing clay - it’s the same clay I use too :slight_smile:

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Do u know if any of these would be good for really oily and acne prone skin??

the clay that lisapeters talked about should be good for oil control. ive used it before as a clarifying mask, so I’m going to see if it works as a blotting powder next. as far as acne control, I think you want to look at ingredients that have either antimicrobial properties to reduce the breakout, or anti-inflammatory properties to control the redness…probably. also, green is known to counteract redness so hemp powder could potentially be effective for that BUT I havent tested it yet AND if you have any sort of plant allergies you might want to do a patch test before putting it on your face. like, I don’t know if it will hurt, but I know hemp is a plant sssoooo you can never be too careful lol. I was more interested in the omegas in it and potential collagen stimulating effects because I’m obsessed with not aging. BUT I’ve heard about French green clay being used for redness control, so you might look into that.

I just did a quick google search and found that coconut flour actually has antimicrobial lauric acid in it that does help fight acne, but I’m not sure if the study focused on consuming it or topical application. I think it might also have skin lightening effects? at least some youtubers said it does lol. it is very fine so it miiiiight work as a wearable face powder.

awesome, thanks @Kitten_Pajamases, you’ve been most helpful :slight_smile: I think I will give coconut flour a try as I already have some in my kitchen cupboard although I never thought to use it on my face haha. What would you recommend I mix the coconut flour with? Honey, ACV, or…? Sorry for all the questions lol

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