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Best Makeup Hacks?

Please share your best and favorite makeup hacks! Could be your favorite homemade makeup recipes, or just simple tips and tricks that have made your life easier!

@brandywine check out these awesome makeup hacks!!

#1. DIY Gel Eyeliner

Don’t have a gel eyeliner? No problem! Make your own simply by holding a lighter over a kohl liner for just one second. Let it cool for a few seconds as to not burn your skin though!

#2. Check Your Makeup in Natural Light

No matter what kind of light bulb you may have in your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever you’re getting ready, it won’t compare to that of natural light. So once you’re done doing your makeup, it’s always best to check it outdoors, or in your car, in natural light. You’ll be able to see any smudges or uneven blending. And honestly, after that, you’ll ALWAYS check your makeup in natural light!

#3. Remove Glitter Polish Easily

If you’re tempted to wear glitter polish but are deathly afraid of removing it, don’t worry – we’ve found the perfect solution! Skip the base coat, and apply a coat of Elmer’s glue. Then, apply your fave glitter polish and voila! When you wanna remove the glitter polish, simply peel off!

#4. Make Bright Nail Polish POP

Instead of applying your regular base coat, start off with a white base coat. Once dried, apply your favorite bright colored polish and see it pop! Just like painting a wall, a nail color will pop a lot more against white than against clear.

#5. Get Bigger Lashes

Did you know you’ve been applying mascara the wrong way? To make your lashes look bigger, sweep the mascara wand towards your nose instead of upwards.

#6. Save Money

Don’t throw away your foundation bottles just because they won’t pump out anymore! Believe us, there’s a TON left in there! Get the most for your money by cutting up the foundation tube, and scooping out the rest in a small pot. You’ll be shocked at how much you’ll have saved!

#7. Make Your Eyeshadow POP

Just like the nail polish trick above (make bright nail polish pop), you can do the same for your eyeshadow! Simply line your eyelids with a white eyeliner (see illustration) and see the immense difference in color brightness!

#8. Reuse Mascara Brushes

Have a favorite mascara brush? Simply wash it, dry it, and reuse it! No need to throw away a perfectly good wand, especially if you love what it can do for your lashes!

#9. Never Get Lipstick on Your Teeth Again

After applying lipstick, stick your finger in your mouth and pop it back out. This will remove any trace of lipstick from inside your lips, making sure you never end up with lipstick on your teeth again!

#10. Revive Old Mascara

Thinking of throwing out a favorite mascara that’s still viable but dry? Simply add a few drops of Saline solution or a few drops of lavender essential oil and your mascara will be as good as new!

Not really a “hack” per se, but if there’s ONE advice/trick I could give anyone is to apply a good primer BEFORE your foundation or your concealer. It’s SO important and often so overlooked, but it makes a HUGE difference!

Think about it like this: you wouldn’t paint the walls in your home without putting a primer on first, right? The same thing goes for your skin! The primer prepares the skin for the concealer or the foundation, and gives it a nice, clean canvas to work with!

@brandywine one of my favorite things to do is line the inner corners of my eyes with a white eyeliner. It’ll make your eyes look SO much bigger, you won’t believe your eyes (pun-intented)

Use a blowdrier to heat up your eyelash curler before using it! Just blast it with some heat for a few seconds (not too long so you don’t burn your lashes off!) and curl away. The heat will give you some INSANE lash curls!

Mix your foundation with a little bit moisturizer before applying! It will go on so much more smoother and won’t leave streaks or look cakey! Trust me, it’s one of those life hacks that once you know it, you’ll never go back to whatever you were doing before!