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Best makeup remover?

What’s your favorite makeup remover? I keep trying different makeup removers, but not completely satisfied with any of them…they just don’t seem to remove makeup as well as I’d like them to, especially waterproof mascara.

If you guys have any insight into a really good makeup remover, please share :slight_smile:

I always just use any type of oil and then wash it off. works better than any makeup remover product I’ve ever used.

Doesn’t it leave your face super oily though or clog pores?

you can wash it off afterwards or you can try using a non-comedogenic oil…surprisingly, castor oil has a pretty low comedogenic rating, even though you wouldn’t think it since it is so thick. castor oil is good for conditioning your eyelashes too, and it helps with under-eye darkness. and it’s pretty cheap. I keep a bottle next to my sink for multi-use purposes…hemp seed oil is also good, it just has a strong smell. maybe the best all purpose oil to get is olive oil, tho since it’s also good to cook with lol. I keep every type of oil in my house, I’m like an ancient egyptian or something

Hahaha that made me laugh…ancient egyptian - you might just be a descendant :smiley: thanks for the help, I’ll definitely be trying that tonight when I remove my makeup and let you know how I fare!

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I use Micellar water and I find that it works better than ANY makeup remover I’ve ever tried. It’s not greasy or oily, and does a really amazing job at getting rid of tough makeup, even waterproof mascara.

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I completely agree with micellar water. I have had full eye make-up on, which is all waterproof. I put it on a facial pad and let it sit for just a second and it all comes off. In my opinion, it works better than olive oil.

What is Micellar water, actually? I feel like it just appeared recently out of NOWHERE and now it’s EVERYWHERE! But what is it exactly? Sorry if that sounded like a stupid Q :speak_no_evil:

Thank you ALL for the awesome replies!!