Best method to get rid of ingrown hair?

I know there are tons of ways to get rid of ingrown hair, but what is your go-to method? Obviously I exfoliate regularly, but that still doesn’t seem to do it.

@babydoll86 babydoll86 make a habit of doing this twice a week and I promise your ingrown hair probs will totally go away!

Apply a warm compress to the area where you most have ingrown hairs (that’ll usually be the bikini line!) and hold it there for a few minutes. The warmer the compress is, the better! This will help the pores open up, and make it easier for exfoliation and extraction. After about 10 minutes, grab a good scrub and gently scrub the area. Rinse off, and use a clean pair of tweezers to extract the ingrown hairs. They should be completely risen out now (or almost) and you should be able to gently pull the ingrown hair out. Now apply a COLD compress to the area (this will CLOSE the pores up!) and hold it there for a few minutes. Apply a witch hazel toner to the area and let air dry.

Be sure to do this once or twice a week and eventually, no more ingrown hairs :slight_smile:


Massage a retinoid cream into the area every night before bed and whatever you do, don’t try to squeeze the hair out! You’ll only aggravate the area which will cause redness and inflammation, making it so much worse!

@babydoll86 the best thing you can do to completely prevent ingrown hair is just to stop shaving! Shaving causes the hair to break, and is one of the biggest culprits for ingrown hair. Instead, you should wax, which will not only stop ingrown hair from forming, but it will also give you softer and smoother skin, lasts SO much longer, and eventually, the more you do it, hair will become more sparse and lighter in color!