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Best way to fix a broken nail?

What’s your best and favorite way to fix a broken nail? I’ve got pretty long nails, and unfortunately, one of them will always break which drives me nuts! Please share your best ideas!!

@katiem43 check out this article on how to fix a broken nail:

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Hands down THE best way to fix a broken method is using a piece of a tea bag. So just cut a small piece of a tea bag and place it over the broken part of your nail. Apply brush-on glue, let it dry for a bit, and then buff the nail. Apply another 2-3 coats of the glue in the next couple of days and buff again. It’s like magic I tell ya! :nail_care::nail_care::nail_care:

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@laurab18 agreed…the tea bag method works amazing! I’ve always used it with great success! Also, if you don’t have brush-on glue, you can also just use clear nail polish! Just be sure to apply several coats!