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Bleached hair with a silver tone

Does anyone tone their own hair? I currently go to the Bleach salon in London, however they still dont do the shade silver I like, infact it never even looks silver, so I always go home myself and tone it with Loreal Dialight 10.21 and Dialight developer 6 volume 1.8%. Not sure if this is damaging for my hair going over the top of whats already been done by them (after all its only 1.8%).

Wanted to find a much cheaper way of doing my hair but no other hairdressers leaves the bleach on for 1 hour. Does anyone use any home hairdresser that is good for bleached silver hair?

If anyone could advice that would be great :slight_smile:

That’s a very good question, and also I see you’re a new member, so welcome :slight_smile: you’re going to love this little community!!

My hair is blonde now, and instead of hitting up the salon on a regular basis (which can become very costly), I usually just tone my hair using a purple shampoo. I’m not too sure about a silver tone, but I know there are tons of purple shampoos out there designed to give every type of tone.

The one everyone raves about including myself, is the Fanola NoYellow, which is a purple shampoo made by an Italian company, and it is HIGHLY PIGMENTED. So pigmented in fact, that it can leave your hair a little purple for a day, but then it goes away. Here’s the link to that, you should definitely give this a try and see how it works out for you:

There are also tons of other toning shampoos, masks, and conditioners on Amazon, but you just have to do a bit of research, read the reviews, etc. It’s much cheaper than going to the salon, and you really can’t mess up your hair!

Thank you for the welcome! Oh wow thanks for the tip about the shampoo, its also cruelty free which is excellent. This looks ideal, I will give this a try! Got to be a chaaper option! Thank you!

Yeah please give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you! I’m curious as well, especially with a silver tone!

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I also use Fanola No Yellow and it’s just SO unbelievably good! I actually bought another purple shampoo a few days ago, just to try something new, and it did absolutely NOTHING! So im definitely sticking to fanola fromw now on!