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Can anyone recommend a good purple shampoo?


Just recently dyed my hair blonde, but not really happy with the color. Was looking for something a little more platinum-y and I find that’s it’s a little yellow and brassy. I know purple shampoos do the trick, but don’t wanna shell out the money unless I know it’s something that will actually work!


I highly recommend Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo - it works SO incredibly well people will think you spent hundreds of dollars on a toning treatment!

I found mine on Amazon!


I totally agree! Fanola No Yellow is really great, but just be careful if you have very fine/thin hair, it may leave a purple tint which WILL go away the next time you wash your hair!


I use Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo and love the results! It’s pretty cheap (around $14) and won’t leave purple tones in your hair!


I second this recommendation! This stuff is amazing but just be sure to leave it on for a few minutes and THEN rinse it out!


@Katie did you know you can also make your own purple shampoo? I know it sounds kinda silly, but it really works :slight_smile:

What I find with purple shampoos is that they can be a little bit expensive, so just purchasing violet hair dye and putting it into your shampoo and/or conditioner is a really great way of saving some money! Check this article out for more info, they explain how to do it!