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Can I use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer?

I would really like to cut down on beauty costs, and was wondering if it would be ok to use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on my face instead of moisturizer. Would this work or no?

@makeupchick89 you could, but truth be told, it really wouldn’t help much at all because petroleum jelly, or vaseline, only acts as a moisturizing barrier, which means it’ll protect the skin from drying up ONCE it’s already moisturized. Without a moisturizer underneath, it won’t do much at all unfortunately. So, you’ll still need a moisturizer, and then you can massage a very small amount of Vaseline on top of said moisturizer to act as a protective barrier.

Hi @makeupchick89, I definitely would not recommend petroleum jelly instead of a moisturizer. It does not provide moisture, but like @Linda_Neagu mentioned, only acts as a barrier. Plus, it’s very thick when it goes on, and does not feel too great on the skin.