CBD oil for acne and scars?

Someone told me that CBD oil is really good for acne and scars. Haven’t tried it yet since it’s pretty pricey, but wanted to see if anyone else had, and if so, did it work for you? Any answers and replies are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

@angie92 I have heard this also, yes, but haven’t tried it myself. Supposedly CBD oil can cure a multitude of skin ailments, not such acne and acne scars. Anyway, here’s something I found pertaining to that!


CBD oil can help with acne scars according to researchers from Modena in Italy who concluded that the topical application of CBD infused with hemp oil resulted in “significantly improved skin parameters” when administered to lesioned skin twice daily for 3 months.


The researchers noted that the antiproliferative (cell changing) and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil instigated these positive changes which were supported by clinical analysis, photographic data, and subjective patient responses.

yes yes and YES! CBD oil is sooo good for acne! I’ve been using it myself for like 2 months now and I have a LOT less breakouts, plus it seems my scars are also starting to fade away! If you can get your hands on a high concentration of CBD oil, i definitely recommend it.