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Coconut water face toner

Hi! I’m curious if anyone uses coconut water to their diy toners. I’m in the process of starting my business on Etsy. I love the idea of adding coconut water to my toners. I am concerned that it could go bad after a month. I would add citric acid. I would be making a batch to fill 2 oz bottles. Would love recipes or advise on the amount to add!
Many Thanks!

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For any water based product you would need to have broad spectrum preservatives added. You also have to have challenge testing done on any product intended for retail sale. If you skip these basic safety requirements you risk having legal action taken against you. Citric acid is not a suitable preservative for a commercial product. Do you live in a country without any regulations? If so you should probably only sell locally since it would be illegal to sell something like that in the UK, Australia, China, Japan or the US.

Hi! Thanks for responding. I have been doing more research and agree about the citric acid. I’m only selling on Etsy and locally in the U.S. I appreciate that you reached out to me. Thanks again!

Hey @JennyO67, congrats on your new venture - it sounds very exciting and I love the idea of using coconut water as a toner. A natural preservative that I think you could use is grapefruit seed extract and rosemary extract. Now I’m not sure how MUCH you would use, but I would probably just start out with a drop or two and see where that takes you.

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Thank You Georgia! I’m also looking at using Leucidal-Radish Root Ferment. I’ve heard promising things about that as well. Funny you should mention Grapefruit…I was thinking of adding that as well!

Sweet idea!! Definitely use grapefruit seed extract, it works really well! I’ve made lots of different beauty recipes and the grapefruit smells great, but also helps preserve the product. Much luck to you!!

@JennyO67 One thing I know that water based toner always works. The main reason to use the toner is to hydrate the skin (correct me if I am wrong) so any natural water will work great. I have seen many water based toner like rose water, vetiver water but didn’t encountered coconut water as toner yet in the market. I will buy for sure if you launch that. All the best.