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DIY haircut for short layers, more body, less grey, no parting, more curl

This is me cutting my own hair. I have been cutting my hair this way for a few years now. It’s great because it doesn’t go in my eyes, I don’t have to do anything to it in the morning, it cuts out a lot of grey, it creates more body and it doesn’t usually need to be blow dried. Best of all, it saves a lot of money and can be done in five minutes whenever you like!

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Wow that’s amazing. My hair is similar but not as long lately but all the curls are the same lol.

I wasn’t at all pleased with the cut my hairdresser has just done on me and the fact that with no blow drying aloud I had to go home with wet hair.

Welcome to the group and I look forward to see and hearing more from you.

You look amazing. Totally love your hair lol as almost the same as mind Lolol

Wow! You look really beautiful. Thank you for helping me out with my hair.