DIY Lip Tint Recipe!

Just wanted to share with you all my new DIY obsession: a 2 ingredient DIY lip tint recipe!

I SWEAR by this recipe, and it’s honestly so much better than store bought lip tints, plus it’s so much cheaper! Oh and did I mention all the natural ingredients?!

You’ll need:
1 tsp shea butter or almond oil
1 tsp beet powder

Combine the two ingredients and voila! If you’re looking for a deeper red, add more beet root, and if you’re looking for a lighter red, add less!


I’m assuming you first melt the shea butter, correct??

@sarahbeets I would assume so, yes!

@sarahbeets yes, you melt the shea butter first and then just mix the two ingredients - it works so well actually and it stays on for several hours! Such a cheaper alternative to a lip tint too. You can also adjust the amount of color you want by either adding more beet powder or less.

okay so I don’t like red/pink tints on my face, I tend to gravitate towards orange/coral/peachy shades because it matches my skin tone better. what natural thing can I use that has an orange tint?? aside from turmeric, I don’t wanna smell like mustard…plus it’s not the right hue for me. I tried using orange koolaid and the neon color on my lips looked cool but it STUNG bad because of the citric acid. any ideas???

@Kitten_Pajamases I would suggest you try using a coral/peachy eyeshadow powder maybe? I’m fairly certain you’ll get the same results, but without the stinging! Of course, make sure the eyeshadow powder you’re using is of good quality so you don’t lip breakouts - no one wants that!

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