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Do pimple patches work for YOU?

Just bought some of those pimple patches and not sure if they actually work or not? I put one on overnight and this white stuff came out, but I’m wondering if that just happens because the pimple is covered? Can someone elaborate? :slight_smile:

They definitely work for me, but not on ALL pimples! If you have those deep, nasty ones, it doesn’t really work, but just your regular old pimples, it totally sucks out all the puss and bacteria (sorry to be gross here), and I use them all the time…unfortunately.

Just be sure to apply them to a super clean face, otherwise they don’t really work!

IF you have a pimple that’s pretty much ready to come out, yes they’re an absolutely lifesaver, But if you have one that’s underneath the skin, they won’t really do much!

Also, make sure not to leave it on for longer than 12 hours as the skin underneath needs to breathe, and leaving it on longer could cause further damage.