Do you pop your pimples or no?

Do you pop your zits or no? I personally cannot STAND a zit just sitting there for days so yes, I do pop it BUT I make sure my skin and my hands are super clean, that I disinfect afterwards, and then I apply an acne cream. Thoughts ladies and gents?

People say not to pop, but I always do anyways. There’s no way I can just let a big honker sit on my face. So what I usually do is I’ll steam my face first to get the skin nice and soft and open up the pores. Then, I wash my hands really well and also have cotton rounds dipped in alcohol next to me. Then, I gently pop it, and clean up with alcohol! Never had an issue or any scarring!

ONLY pop if it’s about to pop naturally, and never try to force it! If you force it, it’ll only break inside and you’ll end up with a lot of scarring…trust me i’ve been there! Once you see its pretty “cooked” THEN you can try and pop it!

I honestly think everyone pops their pimples, whether they like to admit to or not! I know dermatologists and estheticians recommend against it, but that’s only if you do it wrong. So be sure to wash your hands before, have plenty of alcohol and/or toner and be super gentle!

I never try to pop my pimples because I noticed it’s left me with scars! Instead, I just stick one of those pimple patches on and voila! It’s a much less risky way to getting rid of a pimple. So please do NOT pop you’ll just end up with scars!

Of course! I’m not gonna let them just sit there and fester, that’s so gross! Ladies, you CAN pop your pimples, but you just have to do it the right way! Make sure your hands are clean, that you pop all the way through (don’t stop halfway and give up or you’ll end up with scars), and finally apply a toner and an anti-acne cream. It’s easy to do, but just be careful!

Yes, mostly I do pop them because it is not easy to keep up with such ugly pimples. And for scar protection use a lotion.

I find that it’s best to just let them sit until they almost come to the surface and then I apply an acne cream…something with salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide over it. Then, it usually disappears overnight and I don’t get left with any scars. I feel like whenever i pop a pimple, I get a scar.