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Dr. Pen Micro Needling - Anyone tried it?

I’ve been doing a ton of research of micro needling lately and really want to try it out. Apparently, Dr. Pen is the best brand for at home micro needling, and I’ve watched lots and lots of Youtube videos of people using it as well as results. If any of you guys have tried it, can you please share your experience? Did it hurt? How long until you saw results? What depth did you use it at? Whatever you can think of! Thanks all :smiley:

@naturalgirl7 yes I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’ve definitely noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. At first, I was very scared and hesitant (thought it would hurt or make me break out), but it didn’t hurt at all, my skin was only red for a few hours, and afterwards, my skin felt smoother. After using it 2 or 3 times, I noticed my scars were getting lighter and my skin just glowing. I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with it and I highly recommend it.

Although, I would not recommend using the Dr. Pen micro needling on any skin that’s got acne or breakouts. Or, if you do, do not micro needle over that part, as you risk breaking the skin and spreading the bacteria.

When I first started, I put the depth at 0.25 and used it on the second speed setting, but felt that was not enough. So next time, I set it at the next depth and full speed, which gave me better results. I would say after the second micro needling session, I saw results, but even after the first, I swear my skin looked better, but could’ve been just the placebo effect haha

Ahhh I’m super nervous! Just ordered my Dr. Pen and really looking forward to using it, but also super duper scared. Does it hurt really bad? Im mainly concerned about the pain and also the “after” look. I know the skin will get really red afterwards, but how long does it last? Or does it differ from person to person? Thanks gals :slight_smile: