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Eye Cream or Moisturizer?

Ladies, need your advice on this. I would like to use a regular moisturizer as an eye cream because of my tight budget, I really cannot afford a lot of products. The way I am planning to use this is the dab whatever is left over in my fingers around my eyes after I moisturize my skin. Will this be okay? Thanks In Advance.:two_hearts:

The Moisturizer I am using currently is Olay Beauty Fluid.
Face wash is Dove Beauty Moisture.


Hi @Crystalxo! Welcome to the community!!

As long as the moisturizer you’re using is for the face (and not the body), that’s totally fine! To be honest, I believe that most eye creams and serums are simply face creams that have been repackaged! Companies just want us to spend more and more money and buy more and more things that we don’t actually NEED!!

A moisturizer is really all you need, as long as you apply it every night before bed and every morning, especially in the winters when the air is so cold and our skin tends to dry out a little more. A face moisturizer will do the same thing as an eye cream because it will still moisturize the delicate eye area. The number one cause of wrinkles and dark circles is lack of moisture, so any face cream should work.

Another thing you could try which actually works really well and is SUPER cheap is Vaseline. Just dot a small amount underneath the eyeds and on the eyelids and it works like a charm!


Thank you so much @angie92 :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I had asked this question on a couple of forums because I had a doubt. No one answered. I am very thankful you took the time to answer. This Forum is really awesome! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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If you’re not going to use an eye cream, I suggest you try coconut oil. Recently, people have been saying that coconut oil is not good for your skin, but it’s only true somewhat. If you apply coconut oil to the rest of your face, it can cause clogged pores, but around the eyes, it’s really good actually because it’s high in fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals and hydrates the skin.

I dab a little every night before bed and it really works! Plus it’s WAY cheaper than eye cream and will last forever!


Vitamin E oil works best!! It’s actually the main ingredient for MOST eye creams, and investing in a bottle of vitmain e oil is completely worth it! Don’t even get the capsules cuz theyre much more expensive!


I use coconut oil and olive oil on my skin too!! and even around my eyes. It really does moisturize the skin and gives my skin a glow. But I used these oils only at night time because it is waay too oily to go outside wearing coconut or olive oil.

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I’ll look into vitamin E oil…thank you!!! xoxo

Totally agree with you! I put it on in the morning once and alll day my face was just a big bucket of oil…it was so gross :joy:

If you can get your hands on some rosehip essential oil, totally go for it!! It works for me to erase dark undereye circles and reduce puffiness and also fine lines and tiny little wrinkles. I just put a little bit on around the eyes at night and it really hydrates the skin around there.

I bought my bottle a while ago (it lasts forever because a little goes a loooong way), but i think it’s fairly inexpensive!

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Coconut oil is used to enhance the eyelids of the eye. You can also use Vaseline.

I apply a mixture of Castor Oil and Coconut Oil every night around my eye. It has been really helpful for brightening up my eyes and lightning my dark circles. This is best for me! :blush:

Castor oil is such a great idea, and often so underrated! I used to have a huge bottle that I would massage into my scalp (it’s very good for thin hair and hair growth), but never thought to put it around my eyes!

So…I just noticed crow’s feet around my eye area for the first time and omg all I have to say is PLEASE USE EYE CREAM! I never did, I thought a moisturizer was good enough and now I regret it.