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Free haircut you can do on yourself or others

I cut my daughter’s long, dry and unflattering hair with three simple cuts into a long, layered head of curls and it’s changed her entire look and character. She was moody before but now she’s joyful and her haircut is zero-maintenance. She doesn’t even have to brush it in the morning. I’ve had this haircut for several years now. You can do it to your own hair or to other people’s hair. It doesn’t need to be long either. You can see me actually doing the cut here.

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That’s really great @Hannah1, thanks so much for sharing and welcome to the community - we’re glad to have you :slight_smile:


Brilliant. What a difference it has made to her. She looks glowing and so happy. Well done you. Love this xxx

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Hi Georgia. Thanks so much for your warm welcome. I’ll do my best to contribute more.

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Yes, she’s like a new girl. So much more carefree. She also wakes up with amazing looking hair! It gets curlier by the day! I’ll post some more photos soon.

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Oh we would all love to see more pictures. My hair is curly n hard to manage but I’ve had it cut short at long last lol but really want to see more pictures when you post.
Very clever. Love this xxxx

Yes for sure share some pics, would love to see more :slight_smile:

It’s her birthday today so we had a little fashion shoot with her in some of her clothes, some of mine and some things from our vintage/pre-loved shop so that she had some special birthday photos.

I tried to add more photos but could only add this one, so decided to write another post on my blog so people can see how she looks post-cut…

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