Heard of people making their own peel-off lip stain...does it work?

I’ve seen a bunch of blogs talking about making their own lip stain where they use elmers glue and food coloring to make one of those peel-off stains.
was wondering if any1s tried it and if so, what were the results like?

this is actually so much fun to do!! im not sure how safe it is to do it ALL the time, but it really works! Just mix about a teaspoon of elmers school glue with about a drop (or more…or less depending on the color u want) of food coloring and dip a brush into the mixture. Paint that onto your lips and let it dry for a few minutes before geeently peeling it off!


@laurab18 how long does the stain last??

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It can last for at least 4-5 hours, depending on what you’re doing. If you’re eating and drinking, it may come off a little quicker, but all in all, it’s pretty long lasting I’d say!

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Whoa! Definitely trying this today! Sounds like a super fun and silly project :joy:

@laurab18 omg I totally tried this last night and it worked sooo unbelievably well! What a fun little project :smiley: