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Heavy wrinkles between both eyes and nose?

I few weeks ago I noticed I was having to extremely noticable wrinkles under both eyes, but not directly under them, more like on both sides next to my nose, as shon on the picture. Those two red lines are drawn exactly what my wrinkles look like. Im only 20 yo, dont have any wrinkles elsewhere. Also im living pretty healthy, im not fat, i work out a lot, i drink at least like 6 litres of water a day. I tried to find a solution for this on the internet but didnt find ANYTHING about my kind of wrinkles. I also sleep like 8-10 hours a day. I looked back at pictures from a few years ago and I had those exact same wrinkles on every pic, but I only noticed them now. But trust me, they are REALLY noticable. I always thought they were normal, so I didnt think much of them. Might I be deficent in something, or do I need some sort of creme? I´d really appreciate some help, thanks already! :slight_smile:

@maxkorte are you referring to eye bags maybe? Where the skin underneath the eyes is a little darker? Without an actual picture of what you’re referring to, it could be hard to determine what it actually is. Would you be able to take a picture of the eye area and post it there?

I think you are worrying for nothing. I can’t see anything wrong at all - certainly no wrinkles I assure you.

You are one handsome chap so be happy as you are - many other men would envy your looks.

@Louloo oh I don’t think that’s his actual picture. It looks like a computer generated image :slight_smile:

I was trying to be polite lolol. He is so obviously not real or just winding us up maybe? Lol

Welcome to the forum @maxkorte! It would be very helpful if you posted an actual picture of your wrinkles. No need for the full face, just the exact area :slight_smile:

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The image you have attached is corrupted actually. We can’t see the your skin and suggesting something without looking at the actual condition will not be a wise thing.