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Help! Got a pretty bad sunburn yesterday, but don't have any aloe or aftersun lotion!

So I enjoyed the sun a little TOO much yesterday and now I am paying for it. My skin feels like it’s on fire and very red. Unfortunately I don’t have any aloe or after-sun lotion. Is there anything that I can temporarily use to treat the burn?

Sudo cream will take the burn out pretty fast? Hope you have some. I use it for so many things x

No, I don’t have that, what is it? Never heard of it :frowning:

Do you have natural honey? If so, slather it onto the burns and lay back for about an hour while the honey does its job. Honey has antiseptic properties and can heal minor burns and wounds, so you should definitely give that a dry if you don’t have anything else!

Yes honey is brilliant if you have some!
The Sudo cream comes in gray pots n it’s cheap n used in nappy rash etc and for burns. You can buy it at the medicine counter in all the shops and it’s cheap n lasts ages. Good to always keep this in the house too l.

Thanks @Louloo and @Linda_Neagu! Next time I head to the drug store, I’ll definitely ask for the Sudo cream. In the meantime, I did try honey because I had some at home and it was SUCH a relief for my burns, definitely worked to minimize the sting

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So glad the honey helped. I’m in the UK so not sure you can get the Sudo cream but do ask. It’s a brilliant all rounder for babies nappy rash n burn, cuts Etc and almost
everything in fact lol.
Hope your sunburn is more comfortable for you now. X

Yes, it’s much better already! The first couple of days are always pretty painful haha thanks so much!!

I’m out in the sun today but plastered in sun cream. I’m too fair n know I will burn otherwise.