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How do I get my hair back to health?


My hair has been through the ringer so to speak. Dyed multiple times, bleached, etc…and I feel like now it’s just getting thinner and breaking constantly. I’ve tried several different hair products and hair masks, but nothing seems to be working. HELP!


@krista96, the first thing I would suggest you do is to completely stop dying your hair for at least 6 months. Then, go ahead and get a good trim to get rid of all the split ends. 2-3 times a week give your hair a good deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask. Try not to use any heat tools on your hair. If you must, try not to do it so often.

Keep this up for at least 6 months and you’ll soon notice a huge difference in the health of your hair!


@krista96 yes, make sure you stop dying your hair for quite some time and start taking good care of it! It’ll be a long process (I’ve been there before), BUT eventually, your hair WILL get back to health! Limit the use of your blow dryer, iron, curler, etc…

Also try any one of these natural hair masks. They all contain really good and effective ingredients in repairing hair damage!


Check out this scalp detox recipe! It really helped me when my hair was super fryed:

I applied mine AS OFTEN as I could…so sometimes it would be like 5 times a week! But the more you apply it, the faster your hair will heal!


Try this beer mask that @debbieanne recommended (she seems to be the queen of hair masks haha):