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Is there a natural preservative I can use in my beauty recipes?

When making stuff like face masks, scrubs, and lotions, is there a natural preservative that I can just add so that it’ll last longer? I love making my own beauty products but I just don’t have the time to make a new batch of whatever every single time I need it!

@nicole33 it totally depends on what you’re making, but for body butters, lotions, and face masks, you can add a few drops of vtiamin E oil! Not only will it preserve your product, it also helps with dryness and slows down aging!

Vitamin E contains natural antioxidants which extend the life of your products. Gamma tocopherol, a component of Vitamin E, is a great antioxidant for protecting cosmetic formulations. T-50 has a larger amount of gamma tocopherols than other forms of Vitamin E oil.

While the alpha tocopherol in the 250, 1000, and 1400IU/g oils is wonderful as an in vitro antioxidant, studies show that the gamma tocopherol in the Vitamin E T-50 oil is a better antioxidant for oils/lipids in cosmetic formulations. T-50 has a higher content of gamma tocopherols. As a general guideline, it can be used at a rate of .04% or 400ppm to help extend the shelf life of your product. Recommended usage levels are meant only as a guide. All new formulations should be challenge tested to ensure that your preservative is working properly.

Try using rosemary oil extract since it’s a natural antioxidant and should preserve your beauty products nicely! The only thing is that it can impart a rosemary scent to your products, but if you don’t mind that,it’s a very nice preservative!!

YES vitamin E oil works really well as a preservative! I often add it to homemade skin serums, lotions, and even body scrubs! It’s great because it doesn’t leave a scent, plus it’s a great moisturizer as well!