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Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

I’m gonna try to lift my hair a shade or two with hydrogen peroxide because I just bleached it and RAN OUT OF BLEACH so now some parts of my hair are light light blonde and some are still quite dark and it looks noticeable enough to me to bother me. however, at this point, putting more bleach on my head is probably not a great idea, SO. I think hydrogen peroxide will do it since I’ve had great results with the product Sun-In before, and the only reason I didn’t buy it was because I can’t find it at any store right now :unamused: half the stuff I’ve read says hydrogen peroxide + sun/heat will work and the other half says do a mask with baking soda??? but why?? what does the baking soda do?? what would be better, to just use heat or to mix it with baking soda? I literally only need it lifted a shade or two.

if anyone is interested in this topic, I ended up spraying my hair down with 3% hydrogen peroxide not mixed with anything and then I hit the tanning bed for 8 minutes and that did the trick lol

@Kitten_Pajamases wow I’ve never heard of mixing hydrogen peroxide with baking soda before…and you’re right I’m not quite sure what that would do? I know baking soda is a natural bleaching agent, but I’ve only heard of it used on the skin, and definitely not hair.

So it worked for you then?? I’ve always wanted to dry hydrogen peroxide on my hair, but I’ve been deathly afraid…plus I have pretty dark hair so I’m not sure it would work at all

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I didn’t know that about baking soda! I just thought people used it on their skin for exfoliating. so I was like “why would I need to exfoliate my hair to lighten it.”

and, my hair is naturally dark blonde so it’s easy to use hydrogen peroxide to lighten it. if your hair is dark, I wouldnt suggest using it cause it might turn your hair orange or something…but maybe chamomile tea or lemon juice alone could give you some subtle highlights? but I would research that first! lol

Just be super careful when you do this, as it can go completely wrong if you don’t do it the right way. Thankfully, it worked for you @Kitten_Pajamases, but I remember I had this friend back in high school that did this and she ended up with big, weird chunks of “bleached” hair…wasn’t even at all. Then again I guess we were in high school so there was that lol, but still…make sure to saturate ALL the hair so you don’t end up looking like a zebra :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah and definitely do a test strand first because I have no idea what would happen to darker hair :sweat_smile: this has been a disclaimer lol.

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Thanks @Kitten_Pajamases!! I actually did this the other week (wanted to take a before and after and totally forgot…d’oh!) and it frikken worked! Was I super scared? YOU BET haha, but you know what? It’s only hair and it WILL grow back, plus my hair is already light, so there was not much that could’ve went wrong!

I actually applied the hydrogen peroxide to my hair and laid out in the sun for about half an hour! I got the cutest highlights ever and saved so much money in the process!

I also did the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and it worked for me as well! Not sure how healthy this is for the hair, but it definitely lightened my hair quite a few shades and I saved a ton of cash too, so that’s always a bonus :smiley:

I tried lightening my hair with hydrogen peroxide, but I did not use the baking soda. It didn’t lighten my hair whatsoever, and it’s not like my hair is dark or anything. Did I do anything wrong??

I let the hydrogen peroxide sit on my roots for a good 45 minutes, and then rinse out. Saw absolutely no difference. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

@naturalgirl7 hmm…not sure what could have went wrong - it really should work! My only advice would be to let it sit longer, especially around the roots, where the hair tends to be much darker.

Check out this post on how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide! All of the recipes are tried and tested, and they really do work. It’s a much cheaper way of lightening the hair, and it’s also safe for your hair in the sense that commercial dyes also use hydrogen peroxide as a lightening agent. And next time, be sure to add the baking soda in with the hydrogen peroxide as it really does help!

@Georgia doesn’t the hydrogen peroxide burn your scalp and hair? I’ll be honest, this doesn’t sound like the safest thing to me. Why not just get your hair professionally colored?

I would be SO scared to do that, but if it works for you guys, that’s really great.

dunno if anyone has asked this in here, and if they did, sorry! But does this work on dark hair? I have very dark, almost black hair, and would like to lighten a few strands here and there…sorta like highlights. would this work for me or no? Appreciate any answers :smiley:

@babygurl89 I really don’t think this works on dark hair at all. I haven’t tried to be honest, but I do have friends that have done this before, and it only works on already lightened hair, as far as I can tell. If you really want to try it though, just do a strand on the back of your hair (underneath) and leave it on for longer than suggested. See if that works!

I tried this SO many times and it never ever works for me for some reason. I even left it on for a couple of hours and still nothing. I have naturally dark hair, but dyed blonde.

@thebeautyfanatic your hair just may be too dark and not very porous. Depending on the thickness/thinness of your hair! If you have thick hair, it may not absorb ingredients as easy to thinner hair. If the hydrogen peroxide didn’t work to lighten your hair, I would suggest you just go and get it dyed professionally.

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lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda has never really worked for me, and I’ve tried it several times. What happens, is that the lightest part of my hair WILL lighten ever so slightly, but the rest won’t. If I don’t want to spend money on going to the salon, I’ll usually lighten my hair with lemon juice and sit out in the sun. It’s not a drastic difference, but it’s healthier than hydrogen peroxide, and it works a lot better too.

It may be that your hair isn’t light enough or isn’t porous enough. My hair, for example, even after going in the pool once, will quickly turn a soft shade of green, so I know it’s very porous. I’ve used hydrogen peroxide and baking soda before to lighten my hair, and it did work, but it turned out a little patchy. So if you’re unsure, the best way is to get it done professionally.

Quick question for you @Kitten_Pajamases…I want to try this, but since tanning beds are closed now, can I go outside in the sun…will that be the same thing or no?

So can someone please give me an exact recipe on how to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda?? I’ve never tried it, but since being at home, am itching for a fun little at home hair project, and would appreciate an “idiot’s guide to bleaching hair” haha ty ladies!