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Most wanted! - Peach BB cream

Hi there I’m new to this forum. Can anyone help? I’m looking for a peach based BB cream. It’s so difficult to tell as most just say Fair but end up being yellow or more orange based which doesn’t suit my skin at all. The best one ever was sold by Lidl a few years back. Perfect colour but alas they stopped selling it and I couldn’t even source it online! Please, if you’ve come across one, help me stop wasting so much money on the wrong products. Many thanks Morag

Too Faced has a wide range of BB cream colors, you may find something there! If you have a Sephora near you, you can always go and they’ll help you find just the right shade!

Smashbox bb cream is by far the best I’ve used but their range of colours aren’t great and I struggle to find my tone as it’s usually always out of stock.

Thank you for your suggestion

Thank You very much. Very helpful