My hair gets tangled CONSTANTLY...any ideas on how to prevent that?

So I have really fine, thin hair that gets tangled constantly, no matter what! Whether I wear it up or down…it really doesn’t matter. Halfway through the day I end up with a GIANT rats’ nest in the back of my head which makes it very difficult to untangle. I understand that this is probably happening because my hair is so fine, but does anyone else go through this? And if so, any remedies?

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I feel ur pain girl! I have the same hairtype and there ARE a few things you can do to prevent tangling, but unfortunately, in the end, it will still get tangled…just not as much.

#1. Use a leave-in conditioner

Use a leave-in conditioner on a regular basis. This is to help detangle the hair and also to prevent future tangles.

#2. Stay away from turtlenecks and scarves

Every single time I wear turtlenecks or scarves, I noticed my hair gets tangled in the back. Try not to wear those things, or, put your hair up instead.

#3. Use a scrunchie

Put your hair up in a scrunchie before bed. This will help prevent tangles in the morning and won’t leave as many creases as a hair tie would.

#4. Satin Pillowcases

Use satin pillowcases to prevent static and tangling. Not sure what time science is behind this, but I swear it makes a difference, plus it’s better for your skin as well!

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but these four things should make a little bit of a difference!

I also have the same issue. Thank you Linda for the suggestions. I have been doing all the things you said for over a year now, but still have the same issue as you guys. Any other help woild be greatly appreciated.

@Sknygrl I know, right?! It’s so unbelievably frustrating. I’ve even spent hundreds of dollars on so-called detangling products and nothing seems to work :frowning: are we doomed? lol

Does anyone else have the problem of getting a hair cut and 2 weeks later it looks like you havent had one in months?

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The same exact thing happens to me. It’s like my split ends just shoot right back up (kinda like weeds), as if no trim ever even existed. I guess it’s just one of those problems for thin/fine hair gals?

Have you gals tried Not Your Mother’s Knotty Spray? I’ve heard some good things about it, although I have not tried it myself. Maybe give that a try, coupled with a good detangling brush? But I know how it is…thin, fine hair just doesn’t get the help it needs!'s+knotty+to+nice+conditioning+detangler&qid=1558361647&s=gateway&sprefix=not+your+mother's+kno%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-3

Ok yes, this DOES actually work really really well! I, too am doomed to suffer a fate filled with fine, thin, tangled hair, and this product does actually give you some relief! I just spray it on after I get out of the shower and it makes detangling a breeze! I’ve also found that since I’ve started using it, my hair does get less tangled overall, but not completely.

My hair gets so unbelievably tangled (even after I get it cut), that sometimes, I’ll have to cut a small chunk off just to get it untangled. It’s really sad and depressing actually lol. Especially if I have a hair tie in, sometimes my hair will get caught in that, and it’ll be impossible to get it out. It has happened SO many times, I can’t even…

I finally accepted my fate with my hair…the fact of the matter is that it’s so fine and thin, I thought about it like pieces of thread. Think about hundreds of thousands of pieces of thread just hanging there. Now move those threads around, put them in the wind, lay them down, etc…they’ll get tangled to shit and will be almost impossible to untangle. It’s the sad truth girls!

Mine was too until I learned to condition only the ends of my hair . Then I take a wide tooth comb and run it through my hair, following that with a second medium tooth comb, then finally a fine tooth comb. Do not freak out when doing this for the first few times as you will lose a ton of hair, but it is only dead ends and split ends. Then make a habit of braiding it every night before bed. an ounce a prevention is worth it’s weight in gold. :slight_smile:

I learned this from my much younger Caregiver :roll_eyes: I should have been told many eons ago about it, lol!

Welcome to the community @ffpaws! We’re so glad you’re here :slight_smile:

That’s a really awesome way of preventing tangles! I too have very fine hair that gets tangled up in some very crazy knots, but I’ll definitely have to try it your way. Just have to run out and buy some combs now lol

Buy a 100 percent silk pillowcase. More than one lol. You will never have problems with tangles n dull hair again I swear.

Yes they are expensive but some are really well priced on Amazon as long as you look for silk and nothing else.

Buy the best you can afford as they really work n your hair will be tangle free n shiny always I promise you.

Lynn x

omg these are some super great suggestions! My hair is always tangled no matter what I do, but I really want to try the satin pillowcase method. And also, thank god scrunchies are back in style hahah

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I buy them from amazon and with such curly hair they are brilliant. No tangles. Your hair and skin will be lovely. I’ve used the silk pillowcases for many years. Good luck you will really see a difference I promise.

I do have the same problem, as I am a model I get my hair heavy styled often. For my last photo shooting I had a sophisticated bridal hair styling with a ton of styling. After that, I could hardly detangle my hair even after applying a restorative hair mask!


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