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Natural (and FAST) remedy for peeling skin?


Just got back from vacay and got waaay too much sun :sunny:
Yes, I did use SPF but still, my face is peeling up a storm (so bad so that I can’t even wear foundation or concealer).

Anyone has a save for me?? Anything quick but natural that could work?


lots and lots and lots of natural aloe vera gel, preferably straight from the aloe plant itself! Make sure to (gently) exfoliate first, and apply that aloe as often as you possibly can! That’s really your best bet but it works :slight_smile:


Agree with @leonie25! The only thing you can do at this point is just to liberally apply aloe gel (and lots of it too!)


Yes aloe is the way to go but it’s also super important that you stay out of the sun for quite some time after you’ve burnt. You may think your skin has healed, but the truth is, after your skin has peeled, it’s pretty much brand new skin that is actually quite sensitive and if burnt, can be super serious!

But in following with what everyone else said, aloe vera is definitely the way to go!

Check out these aloe vera ice cubes for some quick relief too!