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Recipe for nail growth?

I am looking for the best natural and homemade recipe that will help my nails grow! Something easy, like a serum I can just apply at night before bed would be great!

@leonie25 check out this nail growth recipe:

It’s all 100% natural and works amazingly to strengthen nails, prevent breakage, and also encourage healty and fast growth!

@leonie25 try this:

*1/4 cup almond oil
*2 tsp. apricot kernel oil
*5 drops geranium essential oil
*2 drops essential oil rose

Mix the oils together and store in a dark colored bottle. To use, massage the nail bed once a day to encourage healthy growth.

For nail growth, I highly recommend you take a Biotin supplement which is super important in maintaining protein production which in turn helps to strengthen weak and brittle nails. Your nails are made of protein, so a supplement like Biotin can really make a huge difference. Not only that, but it will also encourage healthy hair growth!

I second this message! Biotin has completely changed my hair and my nails! Everything starts growing stronger and faster within a month.