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Right Strategy to Tighten Open Pores


I am using sheet masks from different companies like TonyMoly etc. It affects for few days and skin look very tight but after a few days, pores again open. I want to know the right treatment for open pores. You can suggest both mask sheets or laser treatments.


Hi @KimberySumerlin! Unfortunately, there is no right treatment for ever single pore situation, because everyone’s skin reacts differently do different products and treatments. What works for me, is to wash my face with really warm water (to open the pores), and then splash cold water on my face at the end (to close the pores). Do this every time when you wash your face or every time before applying makeup. Additionally, I also use a witch hazel toner and Benefit POREfessional primer which really helps to minimize the look of enlarged pores. Hope this helped somewhat - sorry don’t know too much about laser treatments for pores!

I usually use an egg white mask to help tigthen my pores. It’s cheap and it’s super effective, but like with everything else, you have to do it on a regular basis. What u do is just whip up an egg white and use a brush to apply it to clean skin. Let it sit until you feel it tightening and rinse off. It leaves skin really smooth, and also helps with fine lines!

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I have tried egg white mask but it doesn’t work.

Try some The Ordinary products, especially the AHA BHA peeling solution it’s a life changer, especially if you have large pores!

It’s a peeling solution with a very high concentration, so just be careful if you do use it - definitely not recommended for sensitive skin.