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The Ordinary products

I just recently discovered The Ordinary products and it seems like everyone’s raving about them! I’m just a little confused as to which products I should buy. There seems to be so many of them, and they all do different things. Do I use them together? Do I only need one? I’m 35 and have a few wrinkles, but nothing major. My skin is combination.

Omg I’m completely obsessed with their products, and you should honestly get everything haha
but really, I would recommend a few different products from The Ordinary:

Niacinamide - Use it every morning and night before any other creams, and after you cleanse your skin. It leaves skin soft, controls oil production and breakouts, and evens skin tone.

Hyaluronic acid - Use this on your skin about 10 minutes after you’ve applied the niacinamide. This is a really great moisturizer and also helps prevent wrinkles.

Retinol - Start off with 1% retinol, and then you can move to higher concentrations. Retinol plumps skin, prevents wrinkles, and also helps with scars and discoloration.

These 3 products I use religiously, but they also have so many others that you can definitely try, but this is a great start IMO!

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Definitely rave-worthy!! These products are superior to anything else I’ve ever tried and they’re also at a fraction of the cost. To start off, I agree with @Linda_Neagu’s recommendations, but I would also recommend the AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution - it’s literally a god-sent. Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock of this product for quite some time, so you should set up a notification and when it is in stock, they’ll email you. Anyways, it leaves your skin looks amazing!!

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omg you HAVE to buy the AHA BHA peeling solution from the Ordinary, it is ahhhmaaaze!! Its completely transformed my skin by leaps and bounds! Just be careful with it, and only leave it on for like 5 minutes the first time. They say 10 minutes, but if your skin is a little sensitive, it could be too much. So start off with 5 minutes and then see what your skin does. But I’m telling you there is no better product out there, especially if you have acne or scarring!

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I like their AHA BHA peeling solution and Hyaluronic acid! If you are new to them, do some research to understand what your skin needs and start at low percentage for some exfoliating products :slight_smile:

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It’s the only stuff that’s actually reduced my oily skin that’s and doesn’t cost a bomb. Email them and they will give you a reccomendation on what will be best for you and what routine to use

Yep, absolutely hands down one of the best and most honest skin care companies! All of my skin care stuff is now all just The Ordinary :slight_smile:

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This all sounds wonderful guys but no ones mentioning prices??? Lol. Does that mean it’s all sky high prices?
Thanks. Lynn

hey Lynn! No, not at all!! The Ordinary line is actually suuuper cheap, and that’s one the reasons why they’re so popular! Check out some of their prices:

Most of their products are around $5-$8 a pop and a serum will usually last you a couple of months. Super cheap, and very very high quality. Definitely better than anything I’ve ever tried before, including expensive face creams and serums!

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While I’m here…does anyone know where I can get The Ordinary AHA BHA peeling solution in Canada? They don’t ship this product to Canada because of the high concentration, and on Amazon, it’s around $50 :grimacing:

Wow Those prices are amazing. I’ve used several Similar products but at much inflated costs.
Can’t afford them this month even at Those prices but will deffo look next time I need a top up
Thank you for the info xx

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