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Tips for removing hair dye?


Dyed my hair a purple-ish color and really hating it :frowning:
is there any way to safely remove it and revert back to my old color…WITHOUT having to go back to the salon? I’m on a budget yall!


This is the method I use and its always worked for me but not sure if it works for all hair colors. It uses baking soda to gently remove the color - try it out and lemme know how it works for ya!


Have you tried a clarifying shampoo? That worked for me! Granted, I had to wash my hair a couple of times until it completely came out, but it saved me money and kept my hair healthy! I used Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo and was not disappointed :slight_smile:


@katiem43 a clarifying shampoo SHOULD work as long as you use it right after having dyed it (no more than a few days after). What it does is strip away most of the color, but you still might be left with a little bit of color afterwards.


@katiem43 if you’re seriously concerned about your hair, I would honestly try to save up a little bit of money and just go to the salon! Otherwise, you could end up completely ruining your hair which will cost you sooo much more in the long run! Trust me, I’ve been there!!