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What are some basic ingredients I need to make bath bombs?

Ive been thinking of making bath bombs as Christmas presents because they look so good and apparently are very easy to make. The only thing I find frustrating though is that there are SOOO many recipes out there, and so many different ways of doing it, so my question was: is there like a BASIC recipe that everyone follows?

Id like to hit up Michaels this weekend and would like to get all my basic ingredients for making bath bombs. Any help appreciated fam!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So to make ANY bath bombs you’ll need a few basic ingredients, and once you have those, you can pretty much make any color/shape/scent bath bomb you like :slight_smile:

You need baking soda, citric acid (that’s the stuff that’ll make it fizz), and cornstarch. Of course you can also add other things like Epsom salts, but that’s totally optional.

Once you have those 3 basics, then you can go ahead and add essential oils, coloring, and whatever else you might want!

I always add Epsom salts to my bath bombs because it gives them a little something extra! The addition of Epsom salts actually makes your bath bomb usable, in the sense that the Epsom salts relax your body and muscles, so it actually serves a purpose, other than to just scent or color your bath water.