What are the benefits of gram flour for face masks?

I’ve been experimenting with different face masks, and I came upon some that required gram flour. I’m not really familiar with it, and I’ve never used it. My question is…why is it better than other mask bases, and what could I replace it with if I don’t have it?

Gram flour is a flour that’s been made from chickpeas and it’s also called besan. The reason why people use it so much, especially in face masks, is because chickpeas are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. When applied to the face (I like to mix my gram flour with turmeric), it can reduce redness, acne scars, and dark spots.

Gram flour is especially great if you have acne prone and oily skin because it lightens the area, shrinks pores, and also prevents acne from developing any further.

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