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What can I use in my daily skin care routine to get rid of crow's feet?

I just recently noticed some crow’s feet appearing near my eyes…not sure how I never noticed them before, but ever since I saw them, I can’t unsee them, and that’s literally all I see now. I know it’s not a big deal, and it’s just a part of aging, but still, I would like them GONE.

What’s the best product or DIY solution to crow’s feet? I need something that works fast and actually works!

@beautylover562 I would suggest you use a really good eye cream, such as L’Oreal Revitalift or really any other higher end brand. Higher end brands are “usually” made with better and stronger ingredients. Another thing I can suggest is to use Vitamin E and apply it around the eye area every night before bed. Combined with this, make sure you moisturize every morning and night, drink plenty of water, and of course, get lots of rest :slight_smile:

IF you can swing it…The Eye Concentrate by La Mer. It’s VERY expensive but oh my my goodness does it ever work! I mean their stuff is pricey AF, but they work sooo incredibly well!