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What is the best way to get rid of milk spots?

You know those gross, little white spots underneath the eyes? How the heck do you manage to get rid of them??

Aren’t they just the worst?

There are a few things you can do to get rid of milk spots:

#1. Apply an oatmeal paste to the area.
#2. The steam method.
#3. Apply fresh tomato juice.

See more about these methods in this article about how to get rid of milk spots.

You’ll have to try every method to see which works best for you!

Will have to try this as I have horrible milk spots and they seriously gross me out!

Can someone please explain what milk spots are??

Milk spots are those little white bumps you may see around your eyes. Granted not everyone has them, so you may not see them on your own skin. Hope this picture helps though!

Also called milia, these little white spots should never be picked at. Instead, you should do a steam facial a few times a week, and apply a honey mask.

@angie92 yes the steam method works really good, and then ill usually put on a simple face mask of avocado and honey.