What's a good method to naturally lighten hair?

I’d like to get my hair a little bit lighter (currently a dirty blonde color), but without using any dyes or chemical. Are there any safe and natural ways to slightly lighten my hair?

@domini_que if your hair is already a lighter color, the fastest and most natural thing I can recommend is using lemon juice! Juice a lemon and pour into a spray bottle. Then, spray the lemon juice wherever you’d like it lightened onto damp hair. If you can, go and lay out in the sun for about half an hour. This should give you a slight lightening. If you want more, you can do this every day or every other day for about a week!

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Chamomile tea is the BEST method to lighten hair naturally and I swear by it! I’ve stopped dying my hair altogether and occasionally just use chamomile tea to lighten my locks! Brew a nice strong cup of chamomile tea, let it cool, pour into a bottle with a little bit of freshly squeeze lemon juice and spray directly onto hair! Then, head outside and stand in the sun for at least 20 minutes. Both the chamomile and the lemon juice helps to naturally lighten hair :slight_smile:

This might help:

Yes squirting lemon juice onto damp hair is an amazing way to lighten hair, but just make sure you don’t do it too often! Lemon juice + sun could eventually have adverse effects on the hair if used too often!