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What's your fave nail polish brand?

I usually stick to Essie, but I swear their quality has gone down and there is absolutely not lasting power! Can you guys recommend a good quality nail polish that will stay on for more than a day?

Totally agree with you on that one! Also been using Essie for years and for some reason it just doesn’t stay on like it used to!

Found this article that might be helpful! According to them, UK based brand Nails Inc. was the longest lasting polish although I can’t say I’ve ever tried it!

If you guys haven’t tried Nails. Inc, puuhlleeease do yourself a favor and stock up! This stuff is ah-mazing and lasts longer than any polish ive ever tried!

I use OPI and find that it stays on for a really long time, or at least a lot longer than most other brands!

I really like the Zoya brand! Their colors are absolutely fantastic and I find that for me at least the color stays on longer than most!

omg Nails THE best nail polish I’ve ever used by far! And unlike other polishes, it goes on super smooth and almost looks like gel! :nail_care:

I picked up this gel-like nail polish from Forever 21 about a year ago (sorry can’t remember the name), but it actually held up for almost a week without any chips! I’m 99% sure it was their in-house brand, but I wasn’t expecting much!