What's your favourite makeup brand?

Do you have a favourite makeup brand that you always go for? Personally, I’m partial to MAC! I believe all of their products are of super high quality, plus I’ve been a fan for YEARS!

omg I have waay to many to even list, but if I had to choose a few…
aaand of course MAC :heart_eyes:

Preach for MAC! Been using MAC for so so many years and although it’s definitely not cheap, I cannot help myself!

I’ve recently become obsessed with Rihanna’s Fenty line, but before that I was (and still am) a die hard Urban Decay obsessed fan.

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I personally love Too Faced because it’s a cruelty free company and their eyeshadow colors and sooo amazing! If you’ve never tried this brand, I highly recommend it!

WHEN I can afford it, I love Estee Lauder and Dior. I find both brands are of truly exceptional quality, and even though you spend a little more, you’re guaranteed to get a way better result.

Currently obsessed with the Dior Backstage eyeshadow palette :heart_eyes: