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Which way is the best to shave?

I’ve been reading conflicting information about which is the CORRECT way to shave: AGAINST the way hair grows or WITH it? I’ve always shaved against hair growth, but now I’m reading that this can cause ingrown hairs, and it’s actually better to shave in the opposite direction. Thoughts?!?

@dana_rex I always thought it was against hair growth, no?? I mean it makes sense to me because if you shaved the other way, wouldn’t you not be getting a super close shave?

Dermatologists have recently discovered that’s it’s way better and healthier for your skin to shave in the direction of hair growth, and not against it. Apparently, this gives you comfortable, close shave, but without any of the ingrown hairs or the irritation. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you CAN shave against the way your hair grows, but only once your skin has softened (about 15 mins after being in the shower).

First, be sure to get your skin nice and soft, so try to shave after you’ve been in the shower for at least 10 minutes. Then, shave WITH the hair growth, making sure to use a good shave gel or conditioner. After you’ve gone over once or twice, THEN you can have against the grain!

@dana_rex I think people say NOT to shave against the grain when it comes to men’s facial hair…but I’m pretty sure you should shave against the grain if you’re doing your legs and stuff like that. Try to do it in the direction of growth and you’ll see you won’t get too far lol